Encouraging Results for Radio Advertisement

In 2016 a podcast owner and a research agency partnered up to conduct research. The survey analysed the level of efficiency of radio and podcast advertisement.

According to Adweek, Norman Pattiz and Mr Tom Webster conducted the research together. Forbes reported that Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne – one of the largest podcasts in the United States, and Mr Tom Webster is a VP of Strategy for Edison Research.

Edison Research is a giant in the field of research. The agency has worked with many highly established brands of global proportions over the years. Some of the clients are Google, the U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau. The company collaborates with some of the largest radio ownership groups in the US.

The study was conducted among five US brands of different proportions – all offering different products and services. The results of the survey were shared in February 2017, and they were very positive. The study was conducted over the course of six weeks during which podcast listeners were presented one and the same five campaigns.

The listeners of the podcasts were much more knowledgeable about the services and products that had been advertised. There were two surveys – before and after the advertisement. Listeners could recall almost all of the advertisements and even expressed interest in taking advantage of the advertised services or purchasing the products mentioned.

The listeners were increasingly more aware of the messages of the different campaigns. The results from the first round of surveys varied from 24 percent to 47 percent, but all of the campaigns were successful. The automobile campaign has been particularly beneficial of the advertisement with results jumping up to 76% listener’s awareness.

Due to the results of the research, radio and podcast ads are bound to increase and become more widely used not only in the United States of America but on an international level as well.

PodcastOne was the first podcast in the world to ever be the playground for conducting such research. Mr Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne in the late months of 2012. He serves as the Executive Chairman of the company. Mr Norman Pattiz established many other radio shows and podcasts, but PodcastOne is his most famous company. He has more than forty years of professional experience in the field of audio.

Today, PodcastOne is among the largest providers of entertainment, news, sports news, etc. in the United States of America. Another well-established radio podcasts are Westwood One and Course Entertainment Group which was founded in the middle of 2010. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2015/09/24/norm-pattizs-podcasting-bet-paying-off/72693896/

The network programs for 340 hours each week. All content is original, and it is continually expanding. A few years ago WWE superstar Chris Jericho established his podcast on PodcastOne and it has been running successfully.