How End Citizens United Plans to Restore True Democracy in the Country

A lot is happening in the American political arena. The Democrats have invented a new way of ensuring that more Democrats are elected to Congress. A real time action committee dabbed End Citizens United is geared towards sanitizing campaign financing. Their key agenda is to ensure that unlimited monies do not infiltrate in the campaign finance system as has been the trend lately. ECU has not only identified the problem that undisclosed amounts of money are finding their way to woo the American electorate but such unlimited monies are even drawn from foreign governments. With such an ugly turn of events, it’s not business as usual and democracy is on trial and speedy measures need to be put in place to rectify this sad situation.


End Citizens United has a functional and dynamic agenda of mobilizing funds and support for their endorsed candidates. Money is raised through member donations with a set maximum of $5000. This way, big unlimited finances will be driven out of politics and candidates will be home grown with grassroots funding and support. In its three months of existence, the action committee raised approximately $4M from its registered 100000 members 40000 of whom were first-time donors. ECU is determined and hopes to hit $35 by mid-2018 during Congress’s midterm elections. All these efforts aim at electing to Congress as many people as possible who will in turn reform the American campaign finance system that has been marred with utter violations of campaign finance laws especially after the supreme court ruling in 2010 that gave open chances to corporate funding opening flood gates for undisclosed funds in campaigns.


Such a flawed system has only served to reward well-funded candidates with elective positions owing to their financial strength at the expense of sound leaders. Democracy has a component of peoples will and has to remain as such and inclusion of undisclosed money factor in it waters down the very purpose of its establishment. ECU is using this approach to return the voice of the majority of Americans.



This could be a displacement of Democrat’s anger over Trump’s victory that ECU feels to a larger extent was money influenced. To validate its operations, ECU has endorsed first-time congressional contestant Jon Ossonoff in Georgia and plans to endorse and fund more candidates in 2018 by mobilizing more donors to support their course. This move may be judged as a revolution but it’s for the better. It will rid American political play field of unlimited conditional funds whose givers wait for their candidates win to push their corporate agenda. It’s a double edged sword that does not only raise funds but also rallies masses behind their preferred candidates.

Sawyer Howitt – Upcoming Successful Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur with many years of experience. Many people may have a hard time believing that a young millennial cam become successful, however, Sawyer Howitt is an exception to the stereotype. Many baby boomers may have a hard time with the fact that a young generation can become so successful. Many entrepreneurs that are in their twenties have proven that they can become quite successful in their business. Many have the strategic knowledge and are experts at multi-tasking. Fortune talks about how many millennial’s are starting their own businesses more than baby boomers ever did, and they are producing larger profits.

Sawyer Howitt talks about 5 different ways that young entrepreneurs can stand out among the world of entrepreneurs that have decades of experience. The first step is to be able to prove your value. Howitt talks about how many employers may notice your age, but they will also notice your work ethic and how you portray yourself. The second step is to market yourself.

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Mr. Howitt is a firm believer in the success in your career at a young age. You have to make yourself heard and stand out in the crowd by letting them know that you’re good at your career. The third type of quality is to be honest. Many people in the world today aren’t honest with themselves. They either pretend that they know everything and project a type of lifestyle where there is no room for growth. Make sure that you can always grow in your career and that you’re happy to have the opportunity to learn from professionals that may have more experience than you have. The fourth motive is to not give up. It can be easy to get intimidated by people at times, and some people have the tendency to judge you because of your age. Make sure that you don’t give up on your endeavors and dreams just because someone doesn’t believe in you. According to, the final thought is to turn your age into an advantage. Many others may feel that just because you’re young you may not be as knowledgeable. Let them know that there are many advantages to being young. You may have a more flexible schedule or be able to put in more hours because you don’t have a family yet.

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