US Money Reserve – on topic article

The national debt and the financial crisis were two of the challenges confronted by U.S. Money Reserve president Philip N. Diehl during a recent emergency gold conference.


At the special meeting, only open to people who were invited, which took place at an unidentified location in Austin, Texas, subject matters such as worldwide violence, computer-generated attacks and unsteady world leadership were addressed as well.


Diehl, the former director of the United States Mint, also revealed the U. S. Money Reserve’s latest U. S. Gold Report: 25 Reasons to Own Gold Now, in which he pointed out the top reasons for people to invest their money in gold.


He commented in a statement that by releasing the report he made the best knowledge available for people to make their investment decisions easier, ( He also noted he wanted to bring more awareness of the market to the public and help them make the best decision when purchasing gold.


Diehl, who is considered a reliable and responsible resource for the precious metals market, has written for publications that include The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, the Financial Times, and others.


Last year, U. S. Money Reserve unveiled a new redesign of its website which makes it easier for consumers to learn about more comprehensive product information. The website includes a new coin photo gallery that makes pricing on gold and silver bullion and bars available and a free gold information kit is available to consumers who sign up to receive it.


What’s more the Knowledge Center of the new e-commerce website supplies up to date information on precious metals and coin minting, purchasing and grading. All the products for sale from the company will be displayed on the website and the intention of U. S. Money Reserve is to present its clients with the best information.


U.S. Money Reserve, which is based in Austin, Texas and was launched in 2001, continues to recommend guidance on precious metals and assist consumers in diversifying their assets.


Often referred to as America’s Gold Authority, the U. S. Money Reserve has been one of the world’s largest distributors of government-issued coins over the years.

Securus Technologies Turns Criminals Around

Securus Technologies is widely known for their social entrepreneurship philosophy that has allowed them to make correctional facilities safer places for all who dwell inside and to help inmates integrate back into society once they are released. Having been involved in this sector for nearly three decades, Securus Technologies is still raising the bar every day.


Securus Technologies has made correctional facilities safer by targeting the choice tool that criminals use to plan crimes once inside, the contraband cell phone. Contraband cell phones are often used to text, call, Tweet, or use social media to contact other inmates so they can plot how to attack those they do not like on the inside.


Securus Technologies has put a stop to this by selling two products. The first product is their flagship resource, and that is called Cell Defender. This resource identifies the location of contraband cell phones and allows security guards to access the text messages, phone calls, or voicemails. The second product is Wireless Containment Solutions. This works in league with Cell Defender and turns off the Wi-Fi capabilities once a phone is accessed.


Securus Technologies also specializes in helping inmates to weave back into society. The first way that Securus Technologies does this is by keeping the relationship strong between the inmate and their family. Securus Technologies accomplishes this by selling webcam equipment to correctional facilities so that inmates can see and talk to their loved ones while they are serving time.


Securus Technologies also provides computer equipment that is programmed to access several accredited online universities. Inmates may use these online universities to obtain certificates and degrees in skill-based occupations.


This allows for the third product that Securus Technologies offers. They offer a database of businesses that are known to higher inmates once they are released from jail.