Avaaz, a civic organization that is based in the United States, was first unveiled in January 2007. Its initial primary focus was to defend and stand for the better living of people on this planet. It was to achieve its goals through talking to and sensitizing people on problems and issues that regard climate change, human rights, and animal rights as well.

Ricken Patel is the founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization. The organization was also started by groups which included Res publica and MoveOn. Org which is a non-profit organization as well. It is a public policy advocation group. The service employees international union not only helped in its formation but also supports its actions.

Ever since the year 2009, the organization has accepted no donations whatsoever from anyone but instead greatly leans towards the generous contributions of its own members to raise the money that it needs to carry on with its activities. The members have managed to raise over 20 million dollars. The other mission that is important to Avaaz is to try and turn the world that we currently have into the world that many people dream of but cannot have yet.

There was a time when the organization undertook global campaigns in over thirty countries with more than thirty employees. The main modes of campaign and communication were emails. The tactics used varied greatly according to the needs at hand. They included online public pet tools, advertisements, and legal communications advice. Most of these campaign strategy selections came from the members of the organization.

Ricken Patel, the president of the organization, studied political philosophy and economics (PPE) at Balliol college, Oxford University. He also manages the organisation with other people including Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello and Elli Preser among others.


Why Madison Street Capital is an Award Winning Private Equity Firm

Once again, Madison Street Capital took home an M&A Advisor award at the 16th annual gala in New York, New York. The private equity firm has been favored for several years, and was also nominated in the category for Boutique Investment Firms. Named a winner for the Debt Financing Deal of the Year, Madison Street Capital is now in the spotlight as one of the top private equity firms in the country. The firm is among 650 participants which comes from a long list of highly qualified and impressive firms.


David Ferguson, the Co-CEO and President of the M&A Advisor made it known that he was proud to honor Madison Street Capital and present them with such a prestigious award within their industry. The CEO of Madison Street Capital was also pleased to accept the award, and has been pleased with this staff involved in the transaction that helped them win the award for 2017. The gala is held for those professionals that take part in an exclusive forum for the industry. These forums often include media professionals, as well as experts in finance and professional educators.


Madison Street Capital is a top-level international investment firm. Their history of customer service and commitment to excellence in their industry has set them apart from other firms. Their expertise is vast, focusing on advising in corporate tax planning, merger and acquisitions, opinions on financial transactions and other deals, as well as valuations for businesses and much more.


While they are often regarded for their expertise in hedge funds, Madison Street Capital is also known for their ability to take on the client’s voice, vision, and goals as their own to make sound decisions. In addition to their advisory services they also participate in raising capital for various companies. Their belief is that to build strong businesses they must start off by building successful businesses. They are devoted to the global marketplace, helping companies of all sizes to achieve their goals.


The primary goal now for Madison Street Capital is to find emerging markets and learn them as well as aid in their growth by helping businesses latch onto them. Outside of their focus on financial advisory services they are deeply passionate about their philanthropic work with United Way and other organizations that help local communities and around the world.


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