Lime Crime: Break the laws of society & create your own!

Ah, doesn’t life make a lot more sense when the sun is out! I mean, why wouldn’t it? You can see all the beautiful colors, whereas during the wee hours of the night, it’s virtually too dark to see anything other than your own fear.

Doe Deere’s interview with about her, ironically colorful, vegan and cruelty-free makeup line, Lime Crime, discusses her path to dreamland.

Where she is now and will be going in the future, is simply a product of the dream she never separated from her reality, each day.

At just the tender age of 13, she had her own “little business” selling temporary tattoos! How awesome is that!? However, the message here isn’t found in how much money she made, oh no…but in how just loving what she loves, received love in return. She didn’t decide to sell the shiny tat’s because they were in high demand. She actually wore them herself because, well…she actually thought they were pretty cool.

Many millennials find themselves solely chasing money, as that seems to be the only way to survive these days, materially speaking. However, unless you bring true love along for the ride…you’ll only flop, quite possibly in a hill of bills, but once it’s gone, you’ll only be left with wasted time and the subconscious desire to feel ALIVE.

In this interview, Doe Deere also mentions how she use to feel alone, like no one else could relate to her. Though, it was when she realized that none of us are ever alone, that she took the risk of playing with her own make-up to create the colors that she had a passion for without fear or doubt caused by the, then, trends.

…and WAH-LAH! Others, in fact, connect with her from all over the world in the magically unique land of Lime Crime.

Though it didn’t happen overnight, it HAPPENED, because she loved her self enough to believe in her truth and in her own way…she changed the world. Learn more: