The Dating App Industry Through The Eyes Of Whitney Wolfe

Young entrepreneurs are the ones that are truly taking over the app industry. Many people are well aware that some of the top social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook were all started by young men that were in their twenties. What Whitney Wolfe brings to the table is a youthful appearance, but she may be one of the few females that has penetrated this social media spectrum.

It is with her solo career as the founder of the Bumble app that Whitney Wolfe has transitioned from a woman that is sitting on the sidelines to a star player in the social media industry. She at already working as a co-founder of one dating app, but the Bumble app is her solo endeavor. This means so much more because she is the one that is calling the shots and she has all the control. She has the ability to change things that women want to see in the dating app industry, and this is big news.

The dating app industry is filled with a plethora of different apps, but most of these apps still do the same thing. What Whitney Wolfe is doing is giving people a chance to look at the dating apps from a different perspective. She has enforced a time frame in which users respond to messages. This is something that has not been done in the dating app industry before and that is why so many any of these apps have failed to get accolades from young millennials.

Whitney Wolfe realizes that singles are busy. She knows that one person may send many messages. What she is trying to do is narrow down the amount of time it takes for a single person to get a response from a potential match through a dating app.